£40.00 - £65.00 / On Sale

Sessions are back!

After offering over a hundred one-to-one sessions during pandemic and help students and designer lovers to navigate through the industry, I finally made time to start them back again! As of late I focussed on university sessions, international talks and mentoring programs rather than individual meetings online. I miss having a proper conversation about your future, interests, doubts, ideas and concerns. It just makes it more human and I end up learning as much as teaching.

To help sustaining the industry, the fees are kept to less than a half the standard industry sessions, at least for the time being.
There's also a range of choices to support people with no income, low income and students. Limited to x3 sessions a week - be quick : )

Please be in touch once you booked your session:
[email protected]

Or send me a message on Instagram.
I'll be able to trace your receipt and organise the session.